How to lose your blog…

A week or so ago I posted about blogs disappearing.

Last night, the anonymous local political blog, did a vanishing act- not just from the site- but from Google and its cache.

While blogs are so much easier to update and add content to, they are also somewhat dangerous from a backup standpoint. The new version of WordPress has a backup utility built into it- but, I’m pretty sure that most people don’t back up their site onto a local computer or save their posts.
That’s probably not what happened to which had some questionable material and may have been deleted because of a terms of service issue, but the point should be made to back up your site including the database daily.
Our hosting solution backs up nightly- but, if you let more than 24 hours go by we too could lose your site.
I’m not sorry to see go- I’m not a big fan of anonymous political speech- I believe in signing your name to things- but, this is a good lesson to be learned for those entering the blogosphere- if you don’t own your hosting and url- someone else does. Before you put a blog up on ( or, think about who you want having control of your material.

And as a last note- If you were looking for and found this post- this is the power of WordPress and search engines. I highly recommend you look into taking the blogosopher seminar so you can learn how to do this right.

note: the site may resurface at or

both are listed with the same contact through whois (click on the site names for the registration info)


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