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WordPress 2.0 Upload Management at D’Arcy Norman Dot Net

Has a great description with screen captures on how to utilize the new picture upload function of WordPress 2.0. So if you are stuck on how to upload and manage your images with the new tool- click on the link above to read more.
This post- is an example of linking to another blog to explain something someone else has already explained. Why re-create the wheel when you can create links to the content you want to talk about.

I’ve decided to add to this post to suggest a change in the next rev of WordPress. While having the image upload and browse window (rightfully) on the same page as the Write post or Write page window- the controls are in two different places- making for a sloppy confusing interface. Ideally, we should be able to upload and browse in the lower section- then drag the image into our post (supposedly available in Firefox) and then be able to click on the insert/edit image button in the tags- and be presented with ALL the options for using a thumbnail and if it should link to a larger image. The only function that should be available in the window below is to delete the image- and only if it asks if it should also delete it from the post if it has been used.

It would also be nice to have image padding controls in the insert/edit image button dialog as well.

This post will create a “Pingback” to “D’Arcy Norman’s” site- showing up in the comment section if he has allowed pingbacks- and to make this post I used the “Press it” tool in WordPress. If you have a lot of pingbacks on your post- it means you did a good job.
The Press It tool is at the bottom of your “Write post” page- it creates a bookmark that you can click on when visting another site- instead of saving the page to your bookmarks- (or favorites if you are using that terrible browser Internet Explorer instead of Firefox) you will instantly be taken to your blog’s “Write Post” page with a title and link already started for you to comment on the other sites content!

WordPress Bookmarklet Press It option

Just another way WordPress makes it easy to build your content and your links.


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