How to make your WordPress site work harder-

Found this article on 8 plug-ins for WordPress that can help you extend the functionality of your site.

One of the hardest things for us to keep up on is plug-ins, and how to separate the wheat from the chaff- some plug-ins can cause more problems than they solve (we found adhesive broke a google map plug-in for instance) and how some don’t work with certain themes (K2 doesn’t work with the google mapping plug-in either).

Another area where there seems to be a ton of options is Stats packages- right now we’re trying 3 different ones out.

So- here is a link to 8 invaluable WordPress plugins- and a brief quote-

PingMag – The Tokyo-based magazine about “Design and Making Things” » Archive » 8 Invaluable WordPress Plugins!

WordPress in its default, out-of-the-box form can provide a good platform for your website, with a little tinkering you can increase the functionality of your site massively. And what’s the easiest way of tinkering? Plugins! Special files that you simply slot-in to your WordPress installation to get new features. Here are 8 plugins that I consider absolutely invaluable…

We’d love to hear what your favorite plugins are- so feel free to comment- we’ve got ours listed on our tools page.


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