Cooliris Previews plugin for Firefox

The first thing we tell people is to get the Firefox browser to replace Microsoft Internet Explorer- it’s free, and it can do everything IE can do- plus a whole lot more. With Firefox 2.0 you get spell check in web forms- great for WordPress (pre 2.1- since 2.1 will have spell check)- and of course, RSS.

I just installed the Cooliris extension- and it’s way cool:

Cooliris Previews – Discover More…
Cooliris Previews is software that lets you view links without having to click or leave the page you are on. Previews makes it easy to navigate through multiple links quickly and easily.

It gives you a way to look at links to sites- without actually loading the site- but, it also does a whole bunch of other things- like look up words you don’t know in the free dictionary, wikipedia, or google. It works in the same way Google maps work- by pre-caching the links you may click on. I’m not sure how this will affect performance yet- but, for right now- I think Cooliris previews is the cat’s pajamas.


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