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Maureen McCabe may not be the best Realtor in Columbus- but she’s got the right idea when it comes to getting to the top of search- and building a community around her.

It seems so many Realtors are ready to spend a ton of money advertising in throw away classifieds section- when the web is global, pretty much eternal, and allows you to write as much about your listings- or your expertise- with no additional cost.

The real estate listings in the newspaper are typically nothing more than price and product ads- with a grocery list of “features” attached. Considering a home is the biggest investment most people make, it seems sad that this is the best that Realtors can do.

So- if you are shopping for a Realtor to sell your home- start asking them about how they plan to market your house online- who is in their “Network” – and how big their audience is? If they can’t tell you about the key search terms to their site (not the corporate parent)- or the number of unique visitors (not hits) and show you who links to their site- move on. These are the keys to having a successful web site- and unfortunately, most Realtors still don’t get it.


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  1. Yeah buddy………..Many of us know of Maureen’s prowness when it comes to utilizing the wonders of the web. It’s about time the word is getting around.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more! The Internet is here to stay and only getting bigger. So is the blogosphere. Classifieds are so ‘yesterday’ and you’re likely to get better results placing them on sites like Craigslist.org or Google Base anyway… without spending much, if any, money. I tell people I speak three languages: English, Spanish and HTML.

    Maureen has a great blog that she diligently works on. Way to go, Maureen!

  3. Maureen’s blog gets me everytime. I love her dry wit and the way things that are of no interest to me at all (not being from Columbus) become fun to read. She’s got a mind like a trap. Nothing is ever forgotten, but she is a great encourager of other bloggers as well. She keeps me on my toes! I’m happy to see her mentioned and mentioned again!

  4. Thanks for the mention. My blog is just one of 961+ RealTown Blogs, almost all the blogs are real estate related, including Gene, Leanne and Bonnie…. hi guys and thanks!

    Internet Crusade / RealTown is the company behind the e-PRO Certification for REALTORS®. I did not know what a blog was this time last year but learned about it through Internet Crusade.

    Closer to home, Harley Rouda Jr. now CEO of Real Living started talking about using the internet to market property in the mid 90’s. I believe it’s been a decade since HER Real Living has advertised in the Sunday paper, instead the company has built great websites that the public has embraced. Real Living’s websites have new innovations all the time like the new 2.0 and now the builder portal.

    Again thanks for the mention.


  5. Well Maureen- other than sounding like an ad for Internet Crusade- and plugging all your friends- you added a link back to your site- that’s great-
    but- if you really want to learn how to use the Internet- you should forget about e-PRO- and take the blogosopher course-
    you can also save more than half on your hosting- since our plan, including a domain registration- is only $159 a year- and Internet crusade is $299 a year http://www.internetcrusade.com/products/WebHosting.asp
    Real Town Blogs http://www.realtownblogs.com/login.php may work for you- but the extensibility and flexibility of a true open platform like WordPress will keep you ahead of the competition.
    Thanks for your comment (sales pitch) and keep up with your blogging on your site.

  6. Maureen has lead many of us to blogging, and dragged us back when we tried to escape.

    Realtors NEED to get it, or the do a major disservice to their clients.

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