December 09 Websitetology Seminar

We’ll be hosting our next Websitetology Seminar in Dayton Ohio on Wednesday December 9, 2009. Come spend a day and learn how easy it is to not only be able to maintain a website yourself, but get to the top of Google by just spending an hour or two a week updating your website (as if cold-calling could have the same effect).

We’ll teach you how Google works, how the web works, and how to manage a site without having to learn HTML, PHP, XML or any other code. We’ve helped hundreds of companies get their message out cost effectively through our seminar. Sign up now,, and reserve your seat today. $139 covers the full day.

Seminar will be held at The Next Wave, 100 Bonner Street Dayton OH 45410, but could be moved to a larger facility nearby depending on sign ups. It’s possible to have hundreds of people visiting your site every day- without spending thousands of dollars. Come to the Websitetology seminar and learn all the tricks to make it happen.

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