How to find out who is sharing your server

Most of us are on shared servers. One server, many hosted sites. We used to run our business on one until a Thai dating site was put on the server and our sites were constantly going down.

We now have our own servers- that we use for our clients. We host about 100 clients per server- and have had minimal problems. Many server companies excel at seeing how many sites they can stuff on one server- and that’s how you get cheaper hosting.

Use My IP Neighbors to see who is on your same IP- of course, a server can have multiple IP addresses on the same server which can obfuscate the answer to how many sites are on my server.

My IP Neighbors lets you find out if any other web sites (“virtual hosts”) are hosted on a given web server.

The tool is a great way to find out who your hosting neighbors are, or just to see how many other websites your hosting company runs from the same machine. Or perhaps you’d like to know if that flashy company still uses cheap hosting like the rest of us.

You can search by hostname or by IP. Search results include the neighbor’s website URL’s and titles, and links to WHOIS data.

via MyIPNeighbors Reverse IP Lookup (Free service).

Note, this service isn’t exactly fool proof- it also lists domains that are pointed to the same IP- and not all domains are hosted. It’s pulling out of Whois data instead of actually scanning the server.

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