How to check social media user names

It’s hard enough to secure a url for many companies now- but what about the array of social media sites?

Meet KnowEm– which checks all the social media sites for your user name:

KnowEm was developed to assist everyone – from individuals to Fortune 500 companies – in discovering where their names, brands, or trademarked terms are available (or stolen) on Social Media networks. KnowEm will not only help you secure your name across the vast social media landscape but we can also show you how to contact each site in order to have the name released and returned to you.

via About Knowem, LLC.

A handy dandy tool for finding out who has your user name- and what Social Media sites you could be on.

We think the most important are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn- and possibly FourSquare. But, you can decide after a visit here.

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