How to pretend you are using Internet Explorer with Firefox

If you use a Macintosh or Linux, and run into a site that absolutely thinks you have to use Internet Explorer no matter what, this tip is for you.

First, we all know to use Firefox, the most up-to-date, modern, standards compliant, cross platform browser right?

Then we need to fool the site that is built by idiots- that think that you have to use IE (or Internet Exploder as most competent web developers call it) that you are using the inferior browser. The trick is a plugin for Firefox called a User agent switcher- the link is below.

Adds a menu and a toolbar button to switch the user agent of the browser.

via User Agent Switcher :: Firefox Change-arounds.

Install it through the automatic install, and then put the toolbar button in your toolbar by using the View>Toolbars>customize command- and then click the button before visiting an IE only site.

This will make Firefox tell the Explorer site that you are using their horrible browser- even though you aren’t. If the site uses the proprietary ActiveX technology- you’re hosed, but luckily- most don’t.

The plugin works by sending a message to the site that you are using IE- even if you aren’t. It makes Firefox pretend to be Internet Explorer just for that visit. Hope this helps.

There is no reason for any site to require a specific browser, ever. We have web standards created by the W3C to prevent this kind of nonsense. Please inform any webmaster that what they are doing is actually hurting their site and global harmony.

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