Backing up is hard to do?

Hard lesson, expensive lesson. And one you never want to learn the hard way. Do you backup your computer daily? How much would it cost you if your computer crashed RIGHT NOW? What files would you need for that big deal that’s coming up tomorrow?

If you haven’t been backing up then you need to run, don’t walk, to buy an external hard drive that’s at least as big as your computer drive as well as some kind of backup software. We’re a Mac shop, so system 10.7 has Time Machine built in which does hourly backups, but before that: Super Duper and Carbon Copy Cloner were our backup software of choice.
And, while it’s good to have a backup handy right next to your computer – what if your building burned down? Do you have a backup offsite?

There are remote backup services available that can backup your computer over the internet at night, but just remember it will take a while to upload the files.
While tape drives used to be a great option and give you multiple versions of the backup, they are also slow. Besides, with the size of harddrives going up fast and prices coming down all you need a couple of external hard drives to keep your data safe.
Large offices can have a central server to store critical info, and have it all backed up centrally or on a redundant drive.

One neat trick for really important stuff is to e-mail it to your Gmail account, which has lots of space.

Something to think about next time you’re working on a huge project.

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RSS icon gone from Firefox 4 and how to get it back

The user interface geniuses decided to remove a button from Firefox 4 that was a critical tool for anyone who reads feeds- the feed icon on the right side of the address bar.

Luckily- there is a Firefox addon that puts it back:

Adds the old FF 3.X RSS Icon behavior back into FF 4.Specifically, when a page contains link tags in it’s header with a type of application/atom+xml or application/rss+xml it places the orange RSS icon into the right side of the location bar a.k.a. urlbar, awesomebar. If one and only one feed is detected, then clicking on the icon invokes your feed-handler see about:config browser.feeds.handler. If multiple feeds are detected, it popups up a little menu to allow you to select which feed to add.This addon DOES NOT look for links to rss/atom files in the body of a document.

via RSS Icon :: Add-ons for Firefox.

Overall, Firefox 4 has been an adjustment- the moving of the tabs to the top is still a new behavior to learn. Manage bookmarks isn’t there anymore- you go to Show all bookmarks in order to edit your bookmarks and manage them.

The best part- is that Flash in one tab can’t crash the whole browser- like Google Chrome. I’m not feeling the promised speed from Firefox 4- but, I am much happier that the browser no longer crashes when bad code behaves badly.

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