Do things the Mozilla way

Mozilla is a global non-profit dedicated to putting you in control of your online experience and shaping the future of the Web for the public good. When you use Firefox, you’re supporting that mission and making the Web better for everyone!

The video below explains more about Mozilla’s non-profit ideals and the spirit behind our mission. Enjoy!

via About Mozilla

The above video explains the brief history of the web, and more specifically the history of Mozilla. It achieves this by utilizing eye-catching motion graphics and animations. The video is useful and relevant for it’s brief history of the web, and is a great demonstration about the impact that a video can have on your site. It’s easy to forget the days of dial-up internet connection, AOL, spam popups on every website, etc. The web experience is very different than it was 15, 10, and even 5 years ago. Gone are the days of building a Geocities website in Notepad. Companies like Mozilla are pushing the web in a new direction at a very rapid rate.

The video is also valuable to Mozilla not only because of its effectiveness in creating a sense of community for its users, but also because the goal of the video is to get donations. It’s only after we get the the emotional impact of the video that we are asked to donate, which in my opinion is much more effective than a few paragraphs from the guy who invented the wiki. Mozilla tells us that they are here to build a better internet, and while they are doing so they will continue to make their products available for free to their customers. It’s hard to argue with that – I am writing this post in a Firefox browser and checking my mail on Thunderbird, both of which are free.

These are the tools that are available to us. To be a part of the web community and, more importantly, get people interested in what we are doing, we should capitalize on these tools.

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