What’s your elevator pitch?

Ideally, you can describe your business in 15 seconds or less in a compelling way. If you cannot, then the Harvard Business School has an “Elevator Pitch Builder” to help you along:

I tried it… this is what I came up with:

The Next Wave is a leading edge, authoritative marketing/innovation resource that creates lust and evokes trust using all forms of media and PR opportunities in order to position our customers as leading experts in their field, transforming their business models and marketing methods for growth and success.

It’s not exactly automated, but it brings structure to your thoughts. It also gives some stats:

Mine was 44 words, 11 seconds and 2 repeated words.

The average was 231 words, 56 seconds and 4 repeated words. Obviously, a lot of people are a bit long winded.

Feel free to leave your pitch as a comment to this post when you do yours, or send it to [email protected].  I’d love to see it and promote it in the next newsletter.

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