Making sure your business is in Google maps and Google local

Update 11/09/2016

Since publishing this article years ago, Google has documented the business listing process on their end very well. Therefore, we recommend users head over to Google Business for additional info and instruction. Original post is below.


If there is one thing you should do ASAP- it’s do a Google search on your business and see if you come up- from Google maps.
You should also be indexed in Google local.

This isn’t optional in the internet age.

I found a great tutorial on claiming your Google maps listing- I’d suggest you head over to the site and follow the instructions. If you are a business with multiple locations and one website- it’s even more important.

How To Claim Your Google Maps Listing

Step one is to go to Google Maps and do a search for your business. Let’s imagine we own K-Mart in San Mateo, California. So, we do a search for k-mart san mateo ca. Unless your business is brand new, chances are it will have been indexed by Google already. So, all we have to do is click the More info link next to the business title, as shown:

via How To Claim Your Google Maps Listing – Search Engine Guide Blog.

Localizing your business online is a key to making this all work.

If you have questions or problems, we can help. If you don’t have a site, you should consider taking our Websitetology seminar- the fastest most effective way to go online and get Google to pay attention to your site.

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