How to schedule an event with Doodle

This isn’t exactly a WordPress tip, but it’s a handy tool for coordinating multiple people for an event- or choosing what to do. Instead of endless e-mails, pick some dates and times, send it out to everyone to see their availability and preference- and get a response in one quick move:

Schedule an event…

… such as a board meeting, business lunch, conference call, family reunion, movie night, or any other group event.
View example, create poll
Make a choice…

… among movies, menus, travel destinations, or among any other selection.
View example, create poll
How does Doodle work?

1. Create a poll.
2. Forward the link to the poll to the participants.
3. Follow online what the participants vote for.

It’s just another cool web 2.0 tool to stash in your toolbox.

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