Websitetology, Wed Jul 8, 2009

If you aren’t maintaining a website for your business, you aren’t really in business anymore.

With the advent of google on cell phones, it’s become absolutely critical to have a site that Google can find. Not only that, but it’s not enough to just build a website- you also need to build a community- and we’ll teach you how.

If you have a site that uses web 2.0 technology like RSS, CSS and allows for comments: and come to our seminar, you will be able to get listed on the first page of Google (without paying for ads). We can teach you how to be a webmaster in one day- without having to learn any code.

Spend a day with us and learn everything you need to know about how the web works- but the secrets of how you get to the first page of Google without paying for ads.

We’ll teach you how to maintain a website using the newest coolest Web 2.0 tools- which means nothing to buy, no code to learn and the ability to connect with customers easier than ever before.

What we preach is organic search engine optimization as opposed to paying for “Search Engine Optimization” voodoo. It’s much more cost effective and it actually works.

Your website can become a powerful business tool and easy to use if you take this seminar. Your webstats will prove it in no time.

So sign up now– we know you’ll become one of our many successful Websitetologists.

Wed Jul 8, 2009 at The Next Wave, 100 Bonner Street Dayton OH 45410 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

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