Plug in to help you sort and organize WordPress posts

There are sites that we’ve built in WordPress that would be even easier to use if we had Boolean search capability. Real Estate sites in particular- where it would be great to be able to look at each post about each piece of property that falls into a certain price range, number of bedrooms, location etc. Or automotive sites- where you want Year, Make and Model search. While this is easy to do in Drupal or Joomla, they are a little more difficult for people to use. With the Pod’s plugin for WordPress 2.7 and above, it’s now easy to add categories of data to posts for searching and organizing.

Why Pods?

WordPress is a great blogging platform. It lets you work with 2 main content types: blog posts and pages. However, WordPress doesn’t allow users to define new types of content. This concept of “content types” is similar to that of Drupal (CCK), Expression Engine, Joomla, and other professional CMS (Content Management System) platforms. Pods allows users to create new content types (each content type consisting of a uniform set of fields). WordPress, welcome to the next level.

via Pods » Why Pods?.

And to further substantiate why you should be active on other blog sites- this came to us through a comment on another site– via subscribe to comments. We had found information on similar plugin of this type called Flutter and another reader suggested Pods. That’s the power of Web 2.0 working for you.

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