Websitetology Seminar: Dayton, Tuesday Jan 6, 2009

The web is constantly changing, and if your company is using its website properly, it’s constantly being updated, changed, amended. What, you say you never update your site? It still says the same thing as last year? Well, then you really need to take our seminar.

Websites aren’t like a Yellow pages ad- just paying money and putting one up isn’t going to get you business automatically. Websites have to be updated, have useful information that is customer focused and they have to be built so that you can maintain it yourself. If you have a site like that, and come to our seminar you will be able to get listed on the first page of Google (without paying for ads). We can teach you how to be a webmaster in one day- without having to learn any code.

Spend a day with us and learn everything you need to know about how the web works- but the secrets of how you get to the first page of Google without paying for ads.

We’ll teach you how to maintain a website using the newest coolest Web 2.0 tools- which means nothing to buy, no code to learn and the ability to connect with customers easier than ever before.

We give this seminar across the country- and have clients from Florida to California, just because we get organic search engine optimization.

Your website can become a powerful business tool and easy to use if you take this seminar. Your webstats will prove it in no time.

So sign up now– we know you’ll become one of our many successful Websitetologists.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009 at Nehemiah University, 750 S. Main Street Dayton OH 45402 from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

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PodcampOhio presentation slides: Google Love

It was the inagural event, so of course, the details on how to share your presentation (as required) weren’t made clear to the presenters, nor is there a directory of them on the PodCampOhio site.

Here is the presentation from Google Love- if you were there, it’ll help you remember the 50 minutes of non-stop Web 2.0 action. It was really nice to get all the positive feedback from people in my session. If you weren’t able to make it- we do the whole day thing at least monthly in Dayton, or can come to your town to speak to your group.

[slideshare id=491931&doc=google-love-for-slideshare-1214784212731100-8&w=425]

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Websitetology Seminar on Tuesday March 25th

The opportunity to learn everything about the internet that your competition doesn’t want you to know has come again!

You’re a: mechanic, store owner, beauty & skin care shop, audio production expert, chiropractor, dentist, boutique clothing store owner, artist, photographer, historian, politician – and most of all, you’re busy running your business.

You might have a website- do you know who is visiting it? How they are getting there? If they are coming back? Is the website getting customers and paying for itself? If you don’t know, you need to take our seminar.

Maybe you don’t have a website- you know you need to be on the internet, but you don’t understand the difference between a website and an advertisement in the phone book. If you don’t know, you need to take our seminar!

Do you know what RSS is and why it’s important? Do you know how Google “sees” your page and gets new customers to you? Do you know that there are tools and resources you can use to get to page #1 on Google without paying one cent to anyone?

Do we really need to say it again? 

Websitetology is not about making you an expert web developer or a computer science wizard. Websitetology is about giving you the tools and the fundamental understanding of the internet and search engines like Google that put you ahead of your competition. Ask Dr. Edward Gould, of the Gould Chiropractic Wellness Center in Cincinnati Ohio, or the group of audio and video production geniuses at The Studio Files – both went from “Google Invisible” to “Google Invincible” in weeks, just by spending a few minutes a day utilizing what they learned at Websitetology.

So sign up now– we know you’ll become one of our many successful Websitetologists.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008 at Nehemiah University, 750 S. Main Street Dayton OH 45402

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