Your website won’t do this- your blog will.

Blogs make better websites than any code jockey can build. Doesn’t matter how slick your site is, without the connectivity and notifications built into the blog backend technology, a site won’t spread the word as fast or effectively as a blog.
We try to explain that a blog is a site- it’s just one on steroids.
If I post an item to a conventionally coded site and then even take the added step of using a search engine submission tool, unless I’m already a site that’s known for breaking important information all the time, I could wait hours, days, weeks before my item starts showing up in search.
Not so with a blog- and the search engines that crawl them. Although I don’t expect it to stay that way for long- google doesn’t care when you posted- information is information. Blog search engines like Technorati look at posts over time and look to see how fast your message spreads through links. trackbacks and “Tags” to rank the importance of your post.
A recent example was when the Dayton Daily News wine critic noticed two bottles of wine with the same label at Trader Joes- that were of a distinctively different color. Within a day, the entire wine world was aware- and Trader Joes was pulling the bottles off the shelf. This wouldn’t have happened in the static site world- it may have taken days to propagate and end up at the top of search.
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