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Spend one day with us, and you'll understand:

  • • The Internet
  • • Search
  • • Marketing
  • • PR
  • • Web Statistics


We can show you how Google works

and how it can work for you.





What is Websitetology?

One Day

Give us a day out of your schedule and we will transform you and your business into tech-savvy wizards. We’ll start bright and early, and provide lunch at the halfway point.

How the web really works

We will teach you the ins and outs of the web: the search engines which direct traffic and what makes a good website that people want to go to.

Manage your website

Websitetology will teach you to create and manage your website using WordPress,  a content management system which powers over 74 million sites on the web. You’ll be able to do this all on your own, no code and no geeks required!

Learn from anywhere

We do the seminar live: from our office in Dayton, Ohio and broadcast over the web. You can experience Websitetology from anywhere in the world.

Enroll Today

If you’d like to know more about the seminar and what we teach, our site provides a decade’s worth of information. When you’re ready to be a Websitetologist, register for our seminar.

The latest news from the WEBSITETOLOGISTS

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Like your hairdo and taste in music, if you don’t keep up with the latest and greatest trends on the net, you’re going to wind up looking like a dinosaur.

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