Lorelle has an amazing post about plugins for handling pictures, well worth the time to investigate. I’ve found that many themes don’t handle pictures well, and trying to attach a caption isn’t really something that a stock WordPress install can do. Until we have time to check out some plugins with WordPress 2.1, we’ll just send you to Lorelle’s page:

WordPress Plugins for Images, Photographs, and Graphics « Lorelle on WordPress
WordPress offers fairly simple image uploading and the automatic creation of thumbnails, but there are a lot more you can do with your images with WordPress Plugins.

There are a lot of WordPress Plugins to help you upload, sort, arrange, enhance, edit, frame, popup, popin, lightbox, photo album, work with online image storage support and services, and manage your images.

Unfortunately, not all media-based WordPress Plugins, no matter how impressive and fun, are well supported or well documented. Creating an image-oriented WordPress Plugin is challenge, hard work, and takes a lot of maintenance as technology changes and WordPress upgrades. Many create these for fun and then let them go. I’ve done my best to only highlight the WordPress Plugins which feature strong documentation, easy instructions, and show recent activity and support.

One thing I can’t stress enough- remember to give your pictures great alt tags (title and description). Google will give a properly labeled photo great page rank if you have the search term in the alt text. A post I did with a photo of the band Supernova ended up number 4 in google for a bit- this was when the TV show was on and millions were watching.

If you don’t understand what to put in alt text, here is my rule- what would describe the picture to a blind person? Write a good description for a blind person- and you’ve got Google’s attention.


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