In the last few days I’ve been asked by more than a few clients why we don’t put more pictures in their site. If you have great photos that’s great, but it won’t help bring people to your site as well as a good description of what is in the picture. Search engines can’t tell if you have a picture of Pamela Anderson the blond bombshell or Pamela Anderson who sat behind me in 4th grade and had the hairiest arms you’ve ever seen. Search engines just see “Pamela Anderson” and nothing else.
Content is the secret weapon that will bring people to your site. The more ways you add terms likely to be searched on your site, the more likely you will end up on the top of the search page. This is why a Word Press based content management system can help you build traffic- with the ability to access your pages and add content daily, you will have better luck in getting the correct search terms on your page.
Categories help aggregate multiple posts to increase the odds of getting to the top of search too. No pictures will do that.
Search has made the front door or “home” page of your site largely irrelevant. People will enter your site on the page where the relevant content is- so all those pictures on your home page may never be seen- but the content will.
Have text content on every page of your site and you will have a better chance at delivering customers to your site- once they get there, make sure your navigation should be simple and easy to understand. Word Press almost guarantees that you won’t have to “back navigate” to get where you want. This is why we believe it is one of the best things you can do to any site to generate hits.
So, instead of a picture of Pamela Anderson, try describing Pamela with as much biographical information as you can, including the hairy arms- and you might actually get people looking on your site for the one who sat behind me in forth grade.


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  1. as even more proof that this works- I took a JPG from the site for the TV show “Rockstar Supernova” and properly tagged it- with descriptions of who the guys in the picture are (one happens to be Pam Anderson’s ex- Tommy Lee) – and now that post is coming up something like forth in Google – for the search term “Band Supernova”- see the post here:
    go check Google on your own.

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