It seems that there is still some confusion about what this whole Websitetology seminar is about. Please note- we used to call the seminar Blogosopher.
Simply put: you will leave the seminar with the knowledge you need to have a site that you can update and maintain yourself- that is optimized for results!
This isn’t a course on blogging- which is often written off as whining online. The blog technology is actually an actively served (meaning your content is pulled out of a database instead of from static pages) website that can be instantly searched or reformatted with just a click of a mouse.
We use the tools of the Blog software to build a better business website. What used to cost a lot of money in custom development, is now available as a pre-packaged open source solution.
You should take this course if your current site:

  • Requires someone with coding knowledge to edit content or add content
  • Hasn’t been updated in the last 7 days (that’s right- 7 days)
  • If your site doesn’t have an RSS feed (if you don’t know what it is- you should come too)
  • Doesn’t meet ADA standards for accessibility (Search engines are a lot like blind people)
  • If you go to google and type in: “” and get back less hits than number of pages in your site (or no listing what so ever)
  • If you’ve never looked at your web stats before
  • If you are paying more than $12 a month for hosting
  • If you are paying monthly for an e-mail list management service
  • If you have multiple url’s and variations on a url
  • If you have no website at all
  • If your e-mail isn’t you[email protected] ie [email protected] or
  • If your employees are using private e-mail addresses for business
  • If you are still using Internet Explorer as your primary browser instead of Firefox
  • If you are paying for clicks- or are considering it (from Google or Yahoo etc.)
  • If your site traffic isn’t growing consistently
  • If you aren’t on the first page of Google if you are a specialized local business

Past attendees have taken back their sites from the web geek that was charging them too much to do too little.


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