One thing I haven’t gone into depth on in the seminar is tagging. The article link above will explain tags.

There is a bit of debate in the WordPress community about tags and categories right now, and to many of you it doesn’t matter.

I look at Categories as ways to organize your content- in a true relational way, so that you don’t have to put duplicate info in different places.

I look at tags as frequently searched keywords- that can be a category, or be in a category. While tags can help you increase your search results- and group you with others who are writing about the same subject- categories can help bring more readers in by collecting lots of keyword dense posts.

Tags are a lot like going to the Yellow Pages looking for plumbers- you get to the heading and all the competition are listed together. Categories are more like standing around with a bunch of friends asking which plumber to use- and them all saying use Bob. Bob can have a listing in the Yellow Pages too, but finding Bob because he has the most content in the category you are looking for on the web, ie. “drain cleaning in Dayton OH” makes Bob more likely to have your attention in a search.

There are a lot of different tagging solutions out there. I will try to write more about this soon.


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